DISSS is the board

Anna van der Stok

Director Operations & Programs 

Peter van de Crommert

Director Strategy & Innovations 

Vivian Gravenberch

Director Marketing & Research 

Founder and Director  

Anna is an experienced innovative project-, -program-, transition manager and coach. Very motivated to keep/or make the people happy and get the work done together. Anna holds a Master’s degree in Human Geography and Psychology. After finishing her geography master she specialised in Location Based Services and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and coordinated many innovative projects at Geodan and TomTom.

The unique combination of the "hard knowledge" in the field of ICT and innovation, and the "soft knowledge" in the field of human beings and influencing behaviour. Currently working a.o. in the PRoSPeReS EU project as project lead. Her slogan “Technically everything is possible, but it is the person who determines the ultimate success”.

As of April 2022 Anna is Board Member of DISSS.

Founder and Director

Peter  is an enthusiastic and highly experienced Senior Project manager and Consultant with more approx. 32 years of experience in GIS and IT in several markets like Government (focus on spatial planning, Public Safety and Security, eGovernment), Utilities and Telecom. He performs best as Project Manager in complex and innovative environments. In a quickly developing and highly demanding environment Peter finds solutions to complex challenges with a co-creative and practical approach. He has excellent social and communicative skills. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Human Geography and Town Planning. Peter was EU Project manager for several DITSS projects including H2020 FCT projects TRILLION, ANITA and currently running projects STARLIGHT and CYCLOPES where he is also the overall end-user Coordinator (or involved in that task). Peter is also participating in running ISFP projects Secu4All, ProSPeReS and QROC. Previously he was coordinator of the ISFP PRoTECT project. As of April 2022 Peter is Board Member of DISSS.

Founder and Director 

Vivian holds as Master Science degree in Investigative Criminology with specialization in (geographical) profiling and environmental criminology. During her studies at the Free University of Amsterdam she was active as a student assistant at the master course “Spatial Criminology” for three years. In this course, students are taught various principles and theories on geographically profiling areas and/or individuals. She also did research assignments on the balance between citizens’ security needs and their privacy rights. Vivian has also worked in multimedia development, E-learning development and web design. Vivian’s co-workers mostly describe her as being very enthusiastic, eager to learn, associative and very creative.

Vivian has worked on several H2020 and ISFP projects during her time as (junior) project coordinator, assistant and researcher at DITSS. 

As of April 2022 Vivian is Board Member of DISSS.

DISSS is the team

Tinus Kanters 

Expert Smart Cities/Crowd Management

Paul van Soomeren

Expert Security by Design (CPTED)

Bram van Dijk

Expert Crime Prevention

Willem-Jan van den Heuvel

Research Advisor

Melissa Somhorst

Project controller and adminstration

Wendy Sieben

Office Assistant

Gert Smit

Financial Advisor/controller

HJ van der Tak

Legal Advisor

Guido Delver

Expert Innovation and business development

Sara Houweling

Communications Advisor

Lawrence Schätzle

Research Associate

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