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Foundation DISSS

On the 22nd of April, 2022, the Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Spaces was officially founded. 

DISSS in short

The Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Spaces (DISSS) is committed to creating a more safe, secure and resilient society.
As a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, DISSS operates as an active networker, creator and partner in multiple-helix and multi-disciplinary projects and collaborations across Europe and in the Netherlands. Within these security and safety related projects and collaborations, DISSS invites behavioural change by placing human beings and their natural behaviours at the heart of its activities and innovations.
DISSS provides training, living labs and knowledge transfer across Europe. By involving various stakeholders, including (local) governments, researchers, large industry and SMEs as well as citizens in our efforts, we make the outcome of publicly funded projects visible and tangible.

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Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Spaces (DISSS)

Walpoort 10, 5211 DK, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands